About Icon Capital Sarl

In 2004, Luxembourg’s financial system opened itself to securitization vehicles in the financial markets. That development paved the way for the creation of Icon Capital Sarl, a limited liability corporation established in 2008 by Gregory Upton and Dirk Coetzer. Like many securitization firms, Icon Capital Sarl aims to increase liquidity on investment markets while allowing investors to reduce the risk of their portfolios. Icon’s leadership team commits itself to creating securitizations that are both safe and profitable; to achieve that goal, the firm manages a variety of securitization funds and supports the work of its team with outside expertise and support.

Specifically, Icon seeks counsel from chartered accountants and law firms ranked among the top 500 for their expertise in securitization matters. The company’s leadership has found that such outside consultations yield positive financial results for the firm’s investors; thus, the leaders have committed to incorporating outside consultations as part of Icon’s standard practice.

However, Icon Capital does not only rely on outside support to achieve investment success. The firm prides itself on maintaining a staff that includes managers, associates, and contract employees who specialize in a variety of areas, including structured finance, securitization, and banking. This in-house knowledge grants Icon the ability to make investment decisions confidently and in the best interest of its investors.

The funds managed by Icon are not available to the general public and are not offered on a continuance basis. Those interested in investing should consult with their financial adviser about the best way to branch into the specific products that Icon offers.

Icon is headquartered in Capellen, Luxembourg.


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