Canal+ Leverages GeoRacing GPS to Broadcast Tour de Corse 2015

Canal+ Leverages GeoRacing GPS pic

Canal+ Leverages GeoRacing GPS

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Icon Capital Sarl oversees the ICON investments fund. In addition to investments in Balkan real estate and global money markets, Icon Capital Sarl provides expert guidance on allocating funds in sports broadcasting technology.

In October of 2015, French cable television channel Canal+ leveraged GeoRacing GPS tracking and visualization to broadcast the Tour de Corse 2015. The technology, provided through Trimaran, allowed viewers to receive real-time feed of the championship racing event held on the island of Corsica.

Cars and helicopters were equipped with AMPVisualTV GPS tracking-enabled cameras, making it possible to stream action from the start of the race and through the arriving lines. Detailed information and statistics were also recorded by the GeoRacing system, which employs virtual timing and ghost visualization technologies to communicate event progression. Viewers received coverage regarding distances between vehicles with tenth-of-a-second precision and three-dimensional (3D) footage. An Internet connection was the only requirement necessary for viewing two-dimensional feed. Viewers also had the option to experience the event in 3D at live broadcasting video facilities.


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