Securitization Helps to Minimize Investors’ Risks

Securitization involves taking an illiquid asset or a group of assets and turning them into a security. One example of this is a mortgage-backed security, in which a financial organization issues numerous mortgages, and they form a mortgage pool together. These mortgages are in a trust held as collateral. Whoever issues these mortgages can divide them into smaller portions, depending upon the individual mortgage’s overall risk of default, and investors purchase these smaller portions.

Numerous global law firms assist their clients with structured finance as well as securitization transactions. Oftentimes these firms have contacts in both the United States and Europe to help facilitate these deals. Most clients are commercial and investment banks, as well as government agencies.

About Icon Capital Sarl:

Founded in 2008 in Luxembourg, Icon Capital Sarl uses securitization to assist businesses and industries with debt tools, such as mortgages, real estate, and commercial debt, to turn them into bonds, stocks, and certificates. Icon Capital Sarl manages numerous securitization funds, including the Firminy Equity Fund.


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