Romanian Real Estate Market Offers Attractive Investment Opportunities

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Icon Capital Sarl

Based in Luxembourg, Icon Capital Sarl is a limited liability company established by Dirk Coetzer and Gregory Upton in 2008. Since that time, Icon Capital Sarl has focused its investment efforts on several areas, including mortgage-backed securities, emerging sports-broadcasting technology, and property developments in such Balkan countries as Romania.

Along with a political climate that continues to improve under the government of President Klaus Iohannis, the Romanian economy is on an upward trend fueled by better fiscal policy and strong consumer spending. Romania’s recent economic growth has had a positive impact on the country’s real estate market, which has been improving steadily since the beginning of 2015.

In addition to low interest rates and higher levels of residential construction, most Romanian cities have seen an increase in housing prices and a greater demand for supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants. These developments have created a number of new investment opportunities, and Romania is now an appealing destination for outside investors across all sectors.


The Launch of 4K with HDR Technology to Broadcast Sporting Events

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HDR Technology

Icon Capital Sarl manages the ICON Investments Fund, which comprises three sub-funds. Among the sub-funds is Sports & Media Series 1, which Icon Capital Sarl uses to invest in new broadcasting technology associated with sports.

In October 2015, Rogers Communications CEO Guy Laurence announced the company’s commitment to enhancing live sports broadcasting experience through the release of 4K-ready gigabit Internet speeds. In addition, Rogers expanded its product line with the launch of Rogers 4K TV and a new 4K set top box.

These items will be leveraged to send live sporting events to sports fans in 4K with high dynamic range (HDR). Owners of the new television can expect richer and more lifelike images from enhanced contrast and resolution. Rogers also promises to broadcast in excess of 100 live events in 4K. Events include every 2016 Toronto Blue Jays home game and more than 20 marquee National Hockey League (NHL) broadcasts.

Also known as ultra-high definition, 4K is the highest resolution signal. Until recently, the highest and most used resolution was full high definition, which delivers 1,080 pixels to home televisions. Technology advancements now allow viewers to watch sports at 2,160 pixels with a 4K television.

Canal+ Leverages GeoRacing GPS to Broadcast Tour de Corse 2015

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Canal+ Leverages GeoRacing GPS

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Icon Capital Sarl oversees the ICON investments fund. In addition to investments in Balkan real estate and global money markets, Icon Capital Sarl provides expert guidance on allocating funds in sports broadcasting technology.

In October of 2015, French cable television channel Canal+ leveraged GeoRacing GPS tracking and visualization to broadcast the Tour de Corse 2015. The technology, provided through Trimaran, allowed viewers to receive real-time feed of the championship racing event held on the island of Corsica.

Cars and helicopters were equipped with AMPVisualTV GPS tracking-enabled cameras, making it possible to stream action from the start of the race and through the arriving lines. Detailed information and statistics were also recorded by the GeoRacing system, which employs virtual timing and ghost visualization technologies to communicate event progression. Viewers received coverage regarding distances between vehicles with tenth-of-a-second precision and three-dimensional (3D) footage. An Internet connection was the only requirement necessary for viewing two-dimensional feed. Viewers also had the option to experience the event in 3D at live broadcasting video facilities.

Bulgarian Real Estate Market Draws Influx of Foreign Investment

Established in Luxembourg in 2008, Icon Capital Sarl is a limited liability company that manages private securitization funds for individuals and organizations. Icon Capital Sarl focuses its investment activities on the global monkey market, emerging broadcasting technologies, and real estate investment opportunities in the Balkan countries.

Recent investment trends indicate significant growth in Bulgaria’s real estate market, specifically within its tourism sector. According to property consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield, real estate purchases by foreign investors generated 239 million euros for the Bulgarian economy in 2014. Experts project that this demand will continue throughout 2015.

Much of the increased investment activity has taken place in Bulgaria’s tourism real estate market, following the country’s growing popularity as a destination for European alpine vacations. In winter 2014, over 80,000 guests visited alpine resorts in Bulgaria, adding $17.5 million to its economy. Simplified visa requirements contributed to a 30 percent increase in tourism from Turkey, while Bulgaria welcomed 17 percent more visitors from Germany. Bulgaria’s unique location allows for not only affordable family ski vacations but also beach getaways. This versatility has led many foreign investors to target resort properties that can offer consistent revenue as the tourism sector continues to grow.

In addition to tourism, the 2008 global financial crisis played a role in spurring Bulgaria’s real estate market activity, as it resulted in significantly lower property prices. In this way, the country’s active real estate investment sector also reflects a returning sense of investor confidence in the Bulgarian property market.

Common Types of Mortgage-Backed Securities

Established by Dirk Coetzer and Gregory Upton in 2008, Icon Capital Sarl is based in Capellen, Luxembourg. A securitization fund, Icon Capital Sarl manages a range of securitization assets, including mortgage-backed securities.

Comprised of similar, pooled mortgage loans, mortgage-backed securities are most often based on residential property. Divided into governmental, quasi-governmental, or private entity categories, depending on the company that originated the loan, the securities can fall into a number of structure types.

Pass-through participation certificates, one of the most common types of mortgage-backed securities, are usually issued or guaranteed by a lender such as Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. The security’s issuer collects the monthly mortgage payments from the homeowners and passes payments on to the investors, delivering a secure, although variable, cash flow that matures in five, seven, 15, or 30 years. Another type, collateralized mortgage obligations, draws from large home mortgage pools. Because these securities use a complicated deal structure, the amount paid to investors varies depending on interest rates and other market risks.

An Introduction to Securitization

A prominent European securitization fund with more than seven years of continuous operation in Luxembourg, Icon Capital Sarl endeavors to deliver reliable, safe securitization services to its clients. Securitization funds such as Icon Capital Sarl create financial instruments, known as “securities,” by combining a number of other financial assets. Once securitization funds create a new asset, they establish tiers and market them to a wide variety of investors.

The classic example of securitization is the mortgage-backed security (MBS), which combines hundreds, or even thousands, of mortgages into a larger pool. From that point, the issuer of the security can separate the pool based on default risk and sell the smaller pieces to investors. Using the MBS and other pooled-asset securities, investors gain access to a type of bond without the large investment typically required for entry into a large pool. As such, financial professionals often point to the capacity of securitization to create liquidity in markets.

Interesting Facts about the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Among the global markets, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange stands out for its renown in managing independent and international listings. For Icon Capital Sarl, a financial management company focusing on securitizations, the Luxembourg market holds many benefits for trading in Europe. Below are some intriguing facts about the Luxembourg Stock Market.

-Types of trading entities found on the exchange include bonds, shares, warrants, investment receipts, and depositary receipts.
-Over 29,000 international bonds are available for purchase or sale within the Luxembourg market.
-Out of all the European Union markets, 42% of international bonds are listed with Luxembourg.
-Tradable commodities change hands using 20 international currencies.

Trading privileges are restricted to investment companies, such as Icon Capital Sarl, or credit institutions. In order to take advantages of the global nature of the Luxembourg Stock Market, interested parties must contact the exchange and apply to become a trading member. Membership approval occurs in three phases, including application, access to markets, and post-trade.